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Missed a powerful sermon or eager to revisit a message that spoke to your heart? Look no further! Our Church Media page is your portal to a treasure trove of inspiration. Dive into the wisdom and teachings shared during our past sermons, available for convenient selection and viewing below.


The Tribulation Temple and the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:1-14)

Sunday, May 26, 2024 • Pastor Joe

As part of the interlude following the sounding of the sixth Trumpet, a second vision focuses on the Temple and two mysterious witnesses who minister with supernatural powers. Who are they, and what is their relationship to the temple?

Blessed Belief (John 20:1-31)

Sunday, September 2, 2018 •

Belief is the major theme of John's Gospel with the word believe (or its variants) appearing 98 times! While we were not present to hear Jesus' teaching or see His miracles including His resurrection, the testimony of eyewitnesses confirm the trustworthiness of belief (trust) in Him as the Messiah Savior.

Responding to Suffering, Part 4 Cont.: Submission to Earthly Masters (Employers)(1 Peter 2:18-25)

Sunday, April 30, 2017 •

Peter continues his exhortation for Christians to submit to God-ordained authorities even when they inflict unfair suffering. In this message, the God-ordained realm to which Christians are to submit as witnesses is EMPLOYMENT MASTERS.

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